38,000 acres of wilderness
Moditlo Wildlife Estate

Moditlo Estate, where Vuyani is located, is part of the huge Blue-Canyon Private Game reserve which covers over 38,000 acres of wilderness (15,000 ha)

Moditlo Wildlife Estate
part of the Blue-Canyon Private Game Reserve

Blue-Canyon Private Game Reserve

Blue-Canyon Private Game Reserve

The beautiful Blue-Canyon Private Game Reserve exceeding 38,000 acres of pristine African bush land, is a sanctuary of Africa's rarest and most protected species. Rhinos, elephants, lions, cheetahs and leopards, to just name a few, roam freely through the reserve, making the reserve a perfect Africa safari destination. Almost 400 species of birds inhabit the reserve alone.
Several highly endangered species, such as the ground-hornbill, the African wild dog and brown hyena and many others, have settled on Moditlo and have started breeding - much to the delight of the reserve's rangers, animal conservation experts and safari visitors alike.
The location at the foot of the dramatic and famous Drakensberg mountains, its numerous lakes, rich and varied wildlife as well as unrivalled natural beauty make the Moditlo Game Reserve an unforgettable destination for safari holidays.
Several wildlife conservationists, after having visited the reserve, came to the conclusion that the Blue-Canyon Private Game Reserve offers one of the richest bio-diversities one can find in the whole of Africa.
A few months ago, as part of the reserve's ongoing wildlife conservation efforts, several cheetahs were released on the conservancy. The release has been very successful so far, with several sightings of them confirming that they are settling in very well. Several more cheetahs will be introduced in the near future as part of the conservancy's cheetah breeding program.
The reserve's immediate proximity to the Kruger National Park makes the conservancy part of a cross-regional effort to save and conserve Africa's natural wildlife for future generations.
Africa safari tourism is key for the future funding of these huge efforts now and in the future!

Proximity To Kruger Park

close to Orpen Gate

The Kruger National Park measures over 2 million hectares in size and is one of the very largest, and oldest, wildlife reserves in the world.
Our reserve's immediate proximity to the Kruger National Park offers the chance of visiting the world's largest nature reserve in the world while staying at the Vuyani Safari Lodge. This way our safari guests take advantage of the best of both worlds: the unrivalled exclusivity of an African safari experience on a private game reserve and the opportunity to also visit the world-famous public Kruger Park as part of their South Africa safari.
The nearest Kruger Park gate to the Moditlo Private Game Reserve is the Orpen Gate. The Vuyani Safari Lodge offers an all-in day trip package (van & guide) for day visits to the Kruger Park. Our package includes a private guide, van, food for the day, all petrol and also park entrance fees. Day trips start very early in the day, and leave the park just before 6 o'clock in the evening when the Kruger Park closes.
We highly recommend a day visit to the Kruger Park. While it will not compare to the intimate and up-close safari experience we offer on our reserve, a perfect safari holiday in South Africa should always include a visit to one of the world's best known and oldest nature parks, be it for the incredible range, beauty and variety of dramatic natural sceneries alone.

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